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Will the charm of Oliver Queen melt ice queen Isabel Rochev?

That could be the case, according to Summer Glau, who thus far has been ruling Queen Consolidated with an iron fist and a humorless face when it comes to our favorite Queen.

The actress, made popular from roles on Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, told me yesterday that in Arrow Season 2 Episode 6, Isabel is going to get a lot closer to Ollie, as well as Felicity.

Just how close? Check out our Q&A with Glau and find out…

TV Fanatic: I hear we have a good episode coming up with Isabel getting more in the mix with things.

Summer Glau: She is! She’s been trying to reign Oliver in and assert her dominance in the company and he’s scheduled a secret trip to Russia, which he’s decided to leave out the itinerary from the company. Isabel shows up and has her furs and is ready to accompany him.

TVF: Isabel is definitely dressed well, I’ve noticed. Do you like the clothes that they’re having you wear on the show?

SG: I do, I do! It’s very different for me. I’m not used to being the one to be dressed in couture and jewels but Isabel is a powerful business woman so the look is key in expressing who she is. Emily and I had a fun time dressing up for Russia, for sure.

TVF: Speaking of looks, Isabel doesn’t really smile much or laugh. Do we get to see more of her personality in this episode?

SG: I’m glad you asked me that. That’s my favorite part of this episode because you get to get a chance to open up and the audience is going to see another dimension of who Isabel is. There’s more there, for sure.

TVF: Are we going to find out more about why she’s so driven in her running of Queen Consolidated?

SG: This one is a really interesting episode between [Isabel] and Oliver. Their growing respect for each other and trying to understand each other’s motivations within the company. In the last episode that I’ve [filmed], they’re starting to hint at her deeper motivations and why she’s so intent on Queen Consolidated and why it means so much to her but it’s just the beginning.

TVF: How does she interact with Felicity in this week’s episode because Felicity is a very different kind of woman than Isabel? Is there a rivalry there?

SG: I definitely have a lot of fun with it as Summer working with Emily. We have a great time together. But I think Isabel is somewhat suspicious of Felicity because throughout Oliver’s behavior, Felicity always seems to be there and Felicity has Oliver’s ear and she has Oliver’s back and I think Isabel wants to get in the middle of that and break it up. She doesn’t like feeling like she’s being left out. She doesn’t know what’s going on and I have a lot of fun playing the comedic side of that story.

TVF: Your fans are used to seeing you kick butt in your roles, which you haven’t done much with Isabel. Does she have some skills that we have yet to see?

SG: I feel pretty confident that she does. Like I’ve said before, it seems like everyone in Starling City ends up throwing down at one time or another whether they plan to or not; it’s just that kind of story. I feel fairly confident that Isabel is more than meets the eye and she can definitely get in on the action.

TVF: Do you personally like having roles like this where you might not know where they’re going or do you like to know everything?

SG: I like to build on any information that I get but one of the things that I love so much about doing television is that you can build a very complex character over time. You never know in the beginning everything about the character. The writer’s room is very fluid and they make twists and turns based on how the story is building, what turns out to be interesting, where the sparks fly so it’s kind of like being on a ride as an actress. You sign up, you show up and you work with what you have and that’s part of the fun.

TVF: Either in this week’s episode or others, who else are you interacting with besides Oliver and Felicity? Anyone else you’re interacting with that you can talk about?

SG: I do! I do but I can’t tell you. I have some very fun scenes with one of the other characters that I just finished shooting and I’m really excited to continue the interaction. It’s a fun plot twist but I can’t tell you!

TVF: Have you tried Stephen’s salmon ladder at all? I was on set so I know it’s down there in the lair.

SG: I haven’t. You have?!

TVF: I was able to do maybe one pull up and that was it!

SG: [laughs] That’s killer!

TVF: What are you hearing from fans since you started appearing on the show?

SG: I don’t go on because I’m afraid that all the loyal fans of Felicity are just going to be ready to attack Isabel in the street.

TVF: I think there’s enough of Oliver Queen to go around for more than one lady!

SG: [laughs] Oh, I definitely think so, yeah!

TVF:  Along those lines, does Isabel fall under Oliver’s charms a little bit?

SG: Knowing Oliver, I’m sure that Isabel will not be immune to his charms completely but we’ll see. Right now they’re really testing each other’s boundaries! It’s been fun.


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