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Summer Glau is still around for those that are willing to look, but her prominence in show business has gone up and down throughout the years due to the roles she’s taken on, which is pretty normal really. A lot of people possibly remember her as River Tam from the show Firefly or the movie Serenity, where she was seen to play tough as nails fighter that was still a bit unbalanced at times but was undeniably deadly. Since then however she’s taken on quite a few roles that have managed to keep her busy and well within the public eye. One could say that she’s grown up a bit at this point and is a more serious actress than she was coming into the business, though for the most part it does sound as though Summer has been rather professional the entire time, as she’s taken the effort and time to really hone her craft and become the kind of actress that can be depended on when she’s needed. While this doesn’t mean that she’s about to show up in any big blockbusters it does mean that she’s matured quite a bit and that she has proven that she has the kind of staying power that it takes to stick with show business for an extended period of time.

Like everyone else she’s been locked down during the outbreak of the coronavirus, though leading up to that she’d been recast in the Netflix show Wu Assassins, so it’s fair to say that she’s been keeping busy for a while now. It’s amazing how easy it is for a lot of stars to fly under the radar of a lot of people, though fans will usually have a way of keeping in touch with their favorite actors most times since not much goes on that isn’t covered by social media or the paparazzi these days. Summer however has been kind of low-key throughout a good part of her career despite being a skilled actress. Sometimes it has to do with who’s in demand and who has to audition the most in order to get their roles, though Summer has been for some time an actress that is at least considered for a number of roles since she has the kind of presence that can help to take over various characters and make them work just a little better. As far as being a standout hit however, there are a lot of actors out there to compete with, and as a rule it’s bound to happen that those that want their name in the news and in the top billing are going to have to work harder or be grateful for what they do get when it comes to one movie or show after another.

That’s not to say that she hasn’t done well, as her net worth indicates that she’s still in demand and still has enough push in Hollywood to walk on a set and get the attention she desires. But like anything in the business, one has to be the right person for the job at the right moment, otherwise it’s bound to go to someone else. She’s done well in putting herself out there and has managed to fill the roles she’s been given quite well, but if she really wants to be a bigger name in the industry it’s going to take a monumental effort that will catapult her past the roles she’s been taking on in recent years. One might have thought that her time as River would have brought her this kind of renown, but unfortunately that role is so far in the past at this point that a lot of people might need to be reminded of it. Her role in the Sarah Connor Chronicles likely wasn’t going to get her anywhere since the series didn’t last that long and to be fair it’s still something that a lot of fans would rather forget. Summer is definitely worth every bit of attention she gets, but it’s going to take a very big effort for her to push forward if she ever wants to make the A-list, as despite her talent and skill, she needs that extra something that will make people realize that she’s a person that can stand as a contender and be counted among the biggest names in Hollywood. If she’s happy where she’s at though, and there’s not much reason not to be, then so be it.

Actors tend to know where they want to go with their career, and surprisingly some of them are just as happy making movies and shows that aren’t as hyped or well-known since they get to do what they love and not have to worry about crushing reviews. At this point though Summer Glau is one of those that could stay in relatively unknown roles or march ahead, as it’s her choice.


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