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REGINA'S PLOT TO stage her own death in a bid to bring Sir Richard (Mark Lee) to justice and free the Bligh family of his wrath, unraveled in emotional scenes in A Place to Call Home’s fifth season finale.

Villain-turned-justice seeker Regina is gone for good, as is her portrayer Jenni Baird.

In her final interview for the hit show, the award-nominated actress reveals the extreme weather conditions she had to endure while filming Regina’s death scenes and why she fears she’ll never find a role to top this one.

“It’s been sad,” Baird says. “As ready as I was for the end, when it finally came and I saw ‘Regina deceased’ in the script it was a little bit heartbreaking – I won’t get to play her anymore.”

Take a bow Ms Baird, take a bow.

Foxtel Insider: We’ve seen your final scenes play out as Regina. How tragic!

Jenni Baird: They were done on a boat, which was epic and amazing. It was freezing on the day we filmed. There was ice on people’s windscreens. The air got colder and colder, but the change of temperature meant there was all this mist. Right as I lay back to die, all the mist just rose up. It was the perfect shot.

Insider: So that was you in the boat?

Jenni: I didn’t know I had to go out on the boat, I thought there was going to be a double, so I was totally like, ‘Wait, what? No, I am going on a boat by myself?’ They had a safety boat nearby and they said, ‘We’re ready if you fall in!’ I was like, ‘I am not falling in!’ It was pitch-black water and the light from the cherry picker was illuminating the trees around to white. It was freezing cold. I looked back to the shore and all the shore was covered with guys just in black – the stunt and special effects crews. It was one of those amazing film experiences.

Insider: Something you will never forget…

Jenni: I will never forget doing it. They pushed me out on the boat and were like, ‘Bye’ and left me there on the boat on my own. They are yelling at me from the shore. What was really weird is there is a moment where she hacks the hole in the boat and then has to take an overdose. In the moment that I saw the water filling up I actually felt a moment of, ‘Oh my god I am not ready to die!’ and then I had to drink a big fatal dose of morphine and die. It’s really epic and really sad.

Insider: What huge scenes. Do you feel the cold when you’re filming a sequence like this and you’re filled with adrenaline?

Jenni: No, you don’t. It’s a weird thing. It was midnight, and you only feel it once they call cut. Then you are freezing! It was amazing, I will always remember it – the blackness of that river and no wind, it was just dead still.

Insider: It’s been a big season for Regina – again!

Jenni: It has been, a lot was going on and she had her mission, which was to make amends. People in Inverness didn’t take kindly to her when she returned, they were throwing rocks at her roof. Reggie’s whole mission was to convince the Blighs she was there to help them.

Insider: How do you feel to be leaving?

Jenni: It’s weird because it’s such a beloved job for me. I was filming a scene this season where I was getting half strangled and thinking, ‘I may not get a role like this again’. Each season had ended in an incredible showdown with Regina doing something. I have been feeling a bit flat because Regina is dead, so it’s not like I can come back…

Insider: Not even as the ghost of Regina?

Jenni: My joke has always been that Elaine, my character’s sister who died in the bombing in Darwin, didn’t really die. She lost her memory and got taken to Arnhem Land!

Insider: Was it a shock to hear for the first time she was going to die?

Jenni: I feel it was right to kill her. If you have something good, you don’t want to drag it out for too long. You have to go out when you’re up. If Reggie hadn’t died now, what would have happened to her? George (Brett Climo) is happy. How much more evil can she be? It was her time, which was sad.

Insider: You weren’t there for the funeral scenes, but the cast said it was a very different funeral!

Jenni: On the day they were all sending me pictures of them sticking their fingers up. No one danced on her grave, though, but they should have! She did some bad things.

Insider: What will you miss most from the set?

Jenni: It’s a family. It’s like when you’ve been anywhere for five years. I did a guest role while I was still filming this and it was just such a shock to be on a set where I didn’t know anyone. I wasn’t relaxed and I came back here and was like, ‘Oh, here I am, I’ve come home’. It’s so cheesy but it’s my ‘a place to call home’, it is for all of us I think. That adds to just how sad it is to leave it.

Insider: What’s next for you?

Jenni: I go back to the guest role I was doing and then Hawaii for a holiday. I went to an audition on the day they filmed my funeral scenes! It was like, ‘Ok, bye, bye Regina!’ It was for a totally different character. Shake her off, she’s done and gone.


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