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LA TV Insider Examiner: It seems like there are a lot of changes coming, both tonally for Breakout Kings as a show, but also specifically for your character. How much about your arc-- Julianne being off her meds, Charlie dying, etc-- did the writers let you prepare ahead of time versus just learning when you received the scripts?

Brooke Nevin: Certainly Matt [Olmstead] and Nick [Santora] explained our arcs, or their hopes for our arcs, before season two began filming. What they did with all of us, which was fantastic for a creative, collaborative point of view, was they called us into the office when they were outlining the scripts for the season and basically asked ‘What do you hope for your character this season?’…We actually had an opportunity to have, not exactly a say, but a collaboration on in the best case scenario, what we’d love to explore for our characters.

Will we be learning the motivations behind why Julianne went off her meds?

B.N.: Yes. This season will definitely explore what’s going on with Julianne and why she’s dealing with a chemical imbalance. There will be some realities from her past that we’ll see her deal with.

In season one it felt like Julianne was the character we got to know the least, in terms of meeting people from her past and getting to know intricacies to her back story. How is that evolving this season?

B.N.: A lot is going to come out in terms of the triggers for Julianne’s anxiety this season. We’ll see more of who Julianne is in the way she confronts it. We’re going to see more vulnerability but also this amazing fortitude and courage in confronting things. You know, she has some interesting evasive tactics, but then we’re also going to see a more playful side to her this season. I think all of those colors will paint a much more interesting and filled-out portrait of Julianne this season.

Right now Lloyd (Jimmi Simpson) is the only one really paying close enough attention, or caring enough about Julianne, to notice the differences in her behavior. Is that something that will ultimately bond them? Or is she going to try even harder to hide that from him?

B.N.: You kind of hit it on the nose, actually. There’s going to be both of those elements. We saw from the very first episode of season one [that] Lloyd has a knack for picking up on psychological incongruities, let’s say. There’s something incongruous about Julianne right now, and he’s picking up on it, and he will play a big role this season in addressing it.

Does that take a romantic turn?

B.N.: There is romance on the horizon. Or at least she definitely gets closer to one character. They definitely get closer in dealing with [her affliction]. Seeing the two of them interact has been really fun for Jimmi and I to play this season, so I think it will be really fun-- I think they’re calling us “Joyd.”

What are some of your favorite cases from season two?

B.N.: We have some great ones! We have a great female convict who’s played by Camille Guaty this year, and she’s really bad ass. She uses an interesting tactic to get out of prison…I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll hint at a naked body and also certain bodily functions [as a way to break out of prison]. Luckily not in the same episode!

What does the dynamic look like for the group now that you’ve lost such an important team member?

B.N.: What’s interesting to see these characters deal with is…in a way, they don’t have the time to deal or grieve properly because they do have a job to do and certainly the workplace environment and the nature of three of them being cons does create an environment that’s hard for everyone to face the reality of the first episode. But I think it ignites a boldness in all of the characters in terms of what we’re doing everyday. We’re catching evil criminals, but because we let one of the biggest ones get away, it gives us more purpose and drive.

In saying that, it does seem like this season already is much darker than last-- not just with Jason Behr as the most sinister con you’ve come up against, but also with the loss of Charlie (Laz Alonso) right at the top.

B.N.: I would say some of our criminals are darker, and there are darker elements to the show, but what’s really great and fantastic this season is our writers have given us amazing storylines this year, so there will be really interesting character conflicts because of the high stakes, but there’s also these moments of levity that will showcase previously unused comedic sides to our cast. [Laughs] We know that Jimmi can steal the show in terms of comedy, but Shea’s character has some moments this season that are just going to be surprisingly enjoyable.

So for you, when you’re on set, is that balance what you love about the show now? Or do you find yourself wishing you could play up one side to Julianne even more?

B.N.: What drew me to Julianne are these anxiety issues and wanting to portray that in as real a way as possible, but I have to say that I think she’s more well rounded [now]. When you get to see these characters in silly dilemmas, it’s really fun on set to have both of those worlds colliding.

And we’d have to imagine if you’re too in her head with all of those issues all of the time, it’s a heavy place to spend your day.

B.N.: Yeah, and I think what was really cool was how the audience responded to seeing Julianne in the premiere. They were like ‘Oh, we don’t know what to expect next from her!’ That’s kind of, in many ways, too, how I was. I’d get the script for the next episode and be like ‘Julianne does what!?’ [Laughs] It’s been a positive discovery for me getting some more of Julianne this season, and I hope it surprises and delights the audience as much as it delighted me.


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