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MSN TV: You can tell me: Who killed Rosie Larsen?

Billy Campbell: Are you trying to get me killed?

Do people on the street ask you that question?

Not necessarily people on the street, but family members and so forth. They want to know. And I'm like, "No! I'm not telling you." Let me be clear, though: I still don't know whodunit. But I haven't told anyone the things I do know -- not even my closest, closest friends!

Did you go into Season 2 thinking you knew whodunit?

Yes. We all went into the season with our various theories. In fact, there's a big box on set, in the craft services room, where people are putting slips of paper in to make bets on who did it. It's a big pool.

Does the fact that the incriminating photo of Richmond was a fake actually take him off the suspect list?

All I can say is, this show, more than any show I've ever seen, is a rollercoaster. And on a rollercoaster; there are ups and downs. I'm not saying that I'm down. I'm not saying that I'm up. But if I am up, I'm liable to be down again. And if I am down, I'm liable to be up again.

What would you say to angry fans refusing to watch after the Season 1 finale cliffhanger?

First of all, I don't think the uproar was as large as it felt. There were some people who were quite vocal about it. But in taking a straw poll myself, even the people who say, "Oh, my God. That ending!" ultimately admit they're going to watch. I would be shocked if any of those people don't watch. Even that person who said, "I am disgusted!" and acted as if someone had spat on a family member will be holed up in their cubbyhole watching this show.

I don't want to inspire the ire of fans. But, me, I didn't get their fury. After watching this show for a season, how could they have expected anything else?

I think the network hit it on the button when they said, "We mismanaged expectations." I can understand how people expected the mystery would be answered, given the logline, which was "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" It makes sense. But this was just intermission. Did you really want it to be over?

Can viewers expect another season of red herrings?

They're not exactly red herrings, are they? A red herring is when something is a dead end. The neat thing about the show is that not everything you come to understand turns out to mean what you thought it meant. It's not that they have no relevance whatsoever, like a red herring. So can you expect more twists and turns? Absolutely! But that's the joy of the show. That's the addictive thing about it. You think, "It has to be him" or "It has to be her." And then you go, "Wait a minute! How did I not see that?" It's this delicious game it plays with you. I just think it's freaking brilliant.

I have to ask: Will Seattle get a bit more sunshine this season?

I don't want sunshine! It's not right for us. It can be annoying to shoot those rainy scenes, but it's also kind of fun. It adds to the atmosphere. If it could be raining in every single scene, I'd love it. But I think they're actually dialing that down a bit, this season.

The election is still two weeks away. Based on the evidence having been falsified and the realistic assumption that Richmond survives the attempt on his life, is his campaign going to carry on?

You would think ...

Do you still see Richmond as a good guy?

I see him as he sees himself: He's well-intended, wants to do good in the world. But as they say on the show, everyone has a secret.

Much of the tease for Season 2 has been about those secrets, but so many of Richmond's have already been laid bare. Have we uncovered everything he's been hiding yet?

Not quite. You'll find out his secrets, shortly.

Now that he knows for certain that there's a conspiracy targeting him, will Richmond change his approach?

Almost certainly. Something's got to give. He'll have to behave differently than he has been. There's a lot of stuff coming out in the laundry. If you can sum up this season, it's that the game changes for everyone. For everyone! If Season 1 was about asking the questions, Season 2 is about answering them. But what the answers mean ... how it happens is that ... everyone gets turned upside down.

Might this all be leading to be another killing in "The Killing"?

I would say the chances of that are very, very good. If you thought the first season was intense, you ain't seen nothing yet.


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